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"I started zumba a month and a half ago and i lost 30 pounds. I go everyday morning and night. I'm addicted, it's so much fun and a very good workout! Doris and Patricia are awesome teachers! If you wanna loose weight and look your best then you should come join zumba today!!"  -Courtney Del Real



November 4th, 2014 

Why I Zumba???

Year 2008, the housing market goes bust. As a License Residential Real Estate Appraiser, I had little to no work. As a result, I'm home all day watching television and eating. I became a couch potato and my weight increased, and breathing became difficult.

1st visit to my Doctor and the diagnose is Asthma. Meds/Inhaler is prescribe.

2nd visit to the Doctor and the diagnose is High Blood Pressure, and High Triglycerides (Fat in Blood) Meds for the High Blood Pressure.

3rd visit to the Doctor due to brown spots on my neck and waking up extremely thirsty, Blood Drawn, A1C is 6.3, Pre Diabetes. (6.5 and you have Diabetes).

I needed to get my health under control. At home I improved my eating. More vegetables, greens, seeds, nuts, fruits, water and of course NO JUNK FOOD. I needed to exercise; I started to walk everyday. Day 1 I walked around the block and was exhausted. I increased the distance and time walking and the brown spots on my neck DISAPPEARED! I needed more exercise and considered all options. I heard about ZUMBA, Latin Dancing sounds right up my alley; I was always a great Mambo, Cha Cha, and Merengue Dancer. I'm Puerto Rican and we love to dance.

I found 2 Zumba studios in the City of Elk Grove, so I first went to the other Zumba Studio. 60 minutes of dancing, no problem. February 2012, Day 1 of Zumba I was dancing, moving and sweating so I looked at the clock "Must be Close to 60 Minutes" It was only Ten Minutes into the session. I was tired! So I continued to Zumba for 14 months and my health was improving. I felt that I needed more of a push due to my weight which was 202lbs, Blood Pressure and Triglycerides was still high and I was still pre diabetic.

I decided to try the other Zumba Studio on Sheldon Rd.

April 2013, Day 1 at Dynamic. I open the door, the music was on, and there was a woman cleaning the back of the studio. She did not hear me so I shouted to her. "Hello!" This woman turns around with the biggest, warmest and the friendliest smile from ear to ear.

You guessed it, DORIS.

We talked for a bit. I came back a couple of days later ready to Zumba with Doris and approximately 20 women. This music was hot, choreography was original, exciting, superior, and the workout was better, so I came back a couple of days later and Sister Patricia was leading the class. I was hooked, these sisters really get you huffing, puffing and sweating. I knew that I made the right choice. Two days a week with Zumba and the other five days of walking 30 minutes. October 2014, 1.5 years later, I've lost 23lbs, No Asthma, Blood Pressure is normal, Pre Diabetic no longer, Triglycerides level are normal. NO MEDS!!! Doctor tells me to "Keep doing what you are doing." Thanks to my At Home Family for eating the proper foods that benefit all of us. Thanks to my Zumba Family for the great workouts and of course all the beautiful women at Dynamic that I enjoy huffing, puffing and sweating with.


Edwin Camacho





Andres Barreto started coming to Dynamic March 2012






Suzann and Mariah Mafnas!

"Dynamic Dance & Fitness is amazing. I have always wanted to dance but never had the confidence or coordination to do so. Now, after four months I LOVE to dance and its all because of Dynamic. I have had so much success in meeting my goals of becoming fit and healthy because of the Zumba party at Dynamic Dance & Fitness.

The instructors are all fantastic. They each make sure you get your dance and sweat on while having a blast in the process. No matter who teaches the class, you can be sure to get a fantastic workout. Doris, Patricia, & Todd are so motivating and make every student feel extremely welcomed.

Dynamic also has a great environment. The students vary in ages and body types yet everyone is there for the same reason, to dance their butts off. Everyone is very friendly and positive.

The party is definitely at Dynamic." -Suzann Mafnas


" I have always wanted to be a happy, healthy, and confident person. For years I settled and made excuses as to why I could never be "that person". This year was different- this year I decided to change my life-for the better!
In June 2012 my sister and I heard about Dynamic Dance & Fitness and drew the courage to attend our first class-we immediately became hooked! Since then we have never missed a class. We are Zumba and Dynamic enthusiasts! 
Zumba at Dynamic is unlike any other- the instructors-Doris, Patricia, and Todd create an environment full of energy, excitement, and fun. Each of them are so incredibly motivating and supportive that it becomes contagious.
If you were to ask any student at Dynamic why they attend class there- each of them would probably say that it's because they feel at home and because Dynamic is a family. 
The past four months have been the best times of my life. I quit making excuses for myself and decided to take charge. I have a long journey ahead of me, but I know I'm not alone-I have my Dynamic family. 
Thank you Dynamic Dance & Fitness! With your help and encouragement- I am finally comfortable in my own skin. I can now say-with confidence-that I am a happy and healthy person!" 

~Mariah Mafnas~


Marianne started coming to Dynamic April 2012

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